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Fri, 11 June 2010

Version 1.4.1 of AveScroller has just been released!
Several improvements have been made since version 1.0, including:
  • New Hold & Scroll feature: scroll without moving your fingers
  • Much better overal performance
  • Compatibility enhancements for several applications, such as Safari and Eclipse
  • Statistics on how much you have scrolled and how much AveScroller has scrolled for you
Existing versions are updated through the built-in update mechanism.

You can give AveScroller a try by downloading our trial version, which allows you to try out inertial scrolling for up to 100 minutes per session.

If you like AveScroller, you can get an unlimited license for only €3,00.

Sun, 16 May 2010

AveScroller has just been released: AveScroller is an application to add iPhony-style inertial scrolling to your Mac as well as the possibility to scroll in a reverse way, like you do on the iPhone.

Wed, 07 April 2010

As a long time PuTTy-user, I got used to copy-on-select, paste-on-rightclick in Terminals. To add this behaviour to your OS X terminal, you can now install this small SIMBL plugin: TerminalCopyOnSelect.

This project is a fork of genki's terminalcopyonselect github and adds the possibility for paste-on-rightclick.
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